Survey & Marine Consulting


SCUA Far East Co. Ltd. was originated from the Marine Claims Department of Aall & Co., which was founded in Japan by Mr. Aall Jacob Benjaminsen in 1904 and thereafter taken over by the Monsen family in 1954. Scandinavian Underwriters A/S, Oslo, Norway set up a joint venture company – Aall Scandinavian Underwriters Far East Agency Co., Ltd. on the 1st January, 1987 (50% Aall – 50% Scandinavian Underwriters). By the end of 1989, the agreement with Aall & Co. expired, and the Norwegian Underwriters became sole owners. Scandinavian Underwriters Far East Agency Co., Ltd. was set up in 1991 as a part of SCUA world-wide organization together with SCUA Rotterdam (including subsidiaries in Hamburg, Antwerp, Lisbon and Dubai) and SMCO New York.

Scandinavian Underwriters withdrew from owning Scandinavian Underwriters Far East Agency Co., Ltd. in 2003, and at the same time, the present company – SCUA Far East Co. Ltd. was established.



SCUA Far East has offered all kinds of technical services and nautical advices to marine underwriters, maritime lawyers, and ship owners for many years. Our surveyors have broad knowledge and experiences to the maritime field with background of shipyard designers (naval architect), surveyor of Classification Societies, engine officer on board, superintendent, new-building supervisor, etc., and have rendered the following services to our clients.



We have established good cooperation with the following correspondents in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Philippines for more than 20 years. We can dispatch our in-house or local surveyors to the casualties not only in Japan, but also outside Japan.

Shanghai and Zhoushan SCUA Far East Shanghai Liaison Office
Qingdao Qingdao New Ocean Marine Surveyors & consultants Co., Ltd.
Dalian Ditto.
Tianjin and Xingang Ditto.
Quangzhou Haizheng Marine Surveyors & Consultants Co., Ltd.
Korea Hyopsung Shipping Corporation
Taiwan China Marine Surveyors
Philippines Aquila Maritime Business, Inc.